Palazzo Falconieri 3D laser scanning

The Palazzo Falconieri the seat of the Hungarian Academy in Rome since 1927 and the most valuable item of foreign real estate owned by the state of Hungary, symbolizes the significance of Hungarian culture in Europe. The building itself, however, had earned its place in the Italian historical consciousnesslong before its associations with Hungary. Rising above the Eternal City, crowned with its distinctive belvedere, the Palazzo today boldly advertises the meeting of cultures that is the primary mission of the Hungarian Academy in Rome….

…Work on the first house on this site, the Palazzo Ceci, began five hundred years ago, in 1515. Through repeated additions and alternations by subsequent owners, the Odescalchi, Farnese and Falconieri families, the little Renaissance building became one of the Rome’s most prominent palazzos. 

source: Antal Monár and Tamás Tóth The Falconieri Palace in Rome