3D place and object scanning

We offer:

  • Technological consulting
  • 3D scanning and assessment of finished buildings and part of buildings
  • 3D survey of facades and interiors
  • GNSS based survey and stakeout
  • Point cloud processing
  • 3D modelling
  • Preparation of 2D floor plans, cross sections and ortophotos
  • Preparation of as-built documentattion
  • Quality controll
  • Monitoring
  • Environmental assessment
  • Visualization
  • BIM (Building Information Management)
  • Preparation of contour maps
  • Building reconstruction
  • 3D printing

With the latest laser and photo technologies we construct precise, three-dimensional images and models: we measure and digitally store the actual state of the relics and construct spectacular 3D models or complete reconstructions, also compile interactive presentations.

We measure and record the selected monuments, artifacts and archaeological findings or even the process and the discoveries of an ongoing excavation using terrestrial laser scanning, aerial photography and video, as well as geodetic surveying.

The laser scanner accurately captures the object in a short measuring time: it can record up to a million points in one second, so it is particularly useful for the surveying of complex and large objects. Since the device has no direct contact with the objects or the buildings during the scanning, nothing is damaged in the process.

We supplement the recorded data with aerial photos and videos acquired with special equipment, such as multicopters developed by us, with unique orthogonal and perspectival photos. We than accumulate all pieces of information in order to create a database at a
later stage.

The scanning and the data collection is followed by post-processing: we convert the images into formats usable by 3D platforms and real-time applications, so as to allow the viewers to observe the objects from all sides and take a virtual tour around the monuments.

In the created virtual space, information points can be placed later, with which other interactive contents can be associated. We can use them as an efficient means of conveying both scientific and marketing messages.

The new and innovative solutions developed and utilized in the Mensor3D company convey today’s knowledge of our national heritage more efficiently: the museum and touristic presentations as well as training materials will meet the expectation for visual experience of both the visitors and the younger generations.

We are considering accumulating the constructed models into a digital archive, so that we can compare the subsequent measurement data with the earlier ones in order to track and analyze any changes.

The wide dissemination of our work findings, model prototypes and processing solutions at international renowned conferences and professional publications, are our highest priority.

Holo pyramid